Test of "shielding paints" to shield electrosmog

Welcome! Why does this page exist? A lot of people are suffering from the technical radiation of cell towers or cordless phones, as to say from high frequence electro-magnetic fields. To protect yourself, a lot of solutions are offered. In the field of physically measurable shielding products the amount of shielding paints is permanently increasing. As there are more and more products in the market and producers‘ information about the attenuation often are either exagerated or completely wrong, we tested all currently available shielding paints. Technical datas (attenuation, adhesive tensile strength, moisture resistance, etc.) are strictly determined to common standards.

The green products represent the winners of our practical and measurement tests. If you are a manufacturer and do not agree with our result of the shielding attenuation, we gladly advise you how to make a professional measurement, feel free to write us an email.

In alphabetical order: Aegis
AegisGuard LP
1-layer / 2-layers
electrostop HF
E-Shield XW300z
Shielding Paint
ESS Shielding Paint
Shielding Paint GSS-A

Proshield Premium
Smart Antiradiaciones
eProtect Color
WO-WE Wolfgruben
1-layer / 2-layers
Link to manufacturer   Biologa               Gigahertz             YSHIELD YSHIELD YSHIELD YSHIELD
Most important                                        
Shielding manufacturer 40 bis 50 dB
Max. 36 dB 99,5 % = 23 dB 95 % = 13 dB 99 % = 20 dB Not specified 36 dB single layer Not specified 42 dB 1-layer
54 dB 2-layer
66 dB 3-layer
38 dB 56 dB 29 dB = 80 %
(Technical wrong declaration)
30-40 dB Bis 40 dB Not specified Not specified 25-40 dB 37 dB 39 dB 39 dB
Shielding measured (1) 0 dB 35 dB 10 dB / 18 dB 12 dB 17 dB 0 dB 10 dB
7 dB 27 dB 1-layer
34 dB 2-layer
38 dB 3-layer
35 dB 9 dB
6 dB 7 dB 34 dB 33 dB 3 dB 24 dB 1-layer
35 dB
34 dB 34 dB 36 dB
Price / liter EUR 114.00 EUR 49.98 EUR 24.40 EUR 49.00 EUR 76.90 EUR 49.90 EUR 42.00 EUR 21.59 EUR 113.60 EUR 49,98 EUR 46.60 Not available EUR 16.60 EUR 50.00 Not available EUR 16.00 EUR 37.98 EUR 47.48 EUR 47.48 EUR 47.48
Costs / liter / dB (2)
Not possible EUR 1.42 EUR 2.44 / 2.71 EUR 4.08 EUR 4.52 Not possible EUR 4.20 EUR 3.08 EUR 4.20- 8.97 EUR 1.35 EUR 5,19 Not possible EUR 2.37 EUR 1.47 Not possible EUR 5.33 EUR 1.58 / 2.17 EUR 1.32 EUR 1.36 EUR 1.32
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No longer Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Only Spain Only Spain Yes Only Switzerland Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sample buyed
2013 Update: 2019 2015 2014 2014 2013 2019 2015 Update: 2019 2019 2019 2017 2016 2014 2014 2016 2016 2015 2015 2015
Physical details
Adhesive strenght (3)
Of basis paint ? N/mm² 1.51 N/mm² 2.73 N/mm² 3.44 N/mm² 2.94 N/mm² Follows 0.73 N/mm² Follows 2.4 N/mm² Follows 1.3 N/mm² 0.97 N/mm² 2.23 N/mm² 2.35 N/mm² 4.6 N/mm² 4.8 N/mm² 2.3 N/mm² 2.2 N/mm² 1.7 N/mm²
Water resistance (4)
Of basis paint Factor 11.7 Factor 9.8 Factor 1765 Factor 214000 Water soluble Follows Factor 960 Follows Factor 6.5 Follows Factor 137 Factor 84 Factor 8.3 Factor 8 Factor 38 Factor 7.6 Factor 8.1 Factor 13.2 Factor 8.5
Odor / Smell Of basis paint Paint typical Paint typical Paint typical Ammonia Laquer typical Laquer typical Paint typical Paint typical Paint typical Paint typical Paint typical Solvents Paint typical Paint typical Paint typical Paint typical Paint typical Silicate typical Silicate typical
Rheology Of basis paint Paint typical Highly pasty Thick thixotropic graphit paste Thick thixotropic paste Viscous, laquer typical Paint typical Thick thixotropic lumpy paste Paint typical Laquer typical,
well stirrable
High viscosity Thick thixotropic graphite paste Highly pasty Low viscosity, laquer typical Very good,
well stirrable
Very good,
well stirrable
Laquer typical,
well stirrable
Laquer typical,
well stirrable
well stirrable
well stirrable
Application with
paint roller
Of basis paint Normal, good levelling Difficult because of too many carbon fibers Normal, no levelling Normal, no levelling Normal, good levelling Normal, no levelling Difficult, no levelling, paint film too soft Normal, good levelling Very easy, good levelling Normal, good levelling Bad levelling Normal, no levelling Very easy, good levelling Very easy, good levelling   Very easy, good levelling Very easy, good levelling Very easy Very easy
Info on packaging                                        
Not specified 0.2 g/l 1 g/l 1 g/l 0.0 g/l 1 g/l 0.2 g/l 1 g/l 0.2 g/l 0.2 g/l Not specified 0.2 g/l 13.2 g/l 0.2 g/l 0.02 g/l 40 g/l 0.2 g/l 0.2 g/l 0.1 g/l 0.1 g/l
Declaration ingredients
No Yes No No No No Yes. "Only ecological ingredients" contradictory to a "pure acrylate". Yes, but wrong.. Yes. Yes No No No Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Declaration conservation
No No No No No No No Wrong Yes Yes No No No Yes Nein No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Date of expiry No Yes No No No Yes No No Yes Yes No No No Yes Nein No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Charge number No Yes No No No No No No Yes Yes No No No Yes Nein No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Scope of delivery                                        
Processing instructions
Few Detailed Few Few Few Few Sufficient Sufficient Detailed Detailed No Few Few Few Detailed No Detailed Detailed Detailed Detailed
Technical data sheet
No No Online No No No Yes No Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Grounding infos (5) No Detailed No No No No Few No Detailed Detailed No Few No Few Detailed No Detailed Detailed Detailed Detailed

(1) The shielding attenuation is the most important criterion for shielding paints. Tested according to ASTM D 4935-10 with a R&S ZNB40 from 40 MHz to 40 GHz and TEM-cells. The higher this value of dB the better.
(2) Only by comparing „price / dB-shielding“ you can compare products with different shieldings values. The lower the price, the better.
(3) The adhesive tensil strength describes how strong the paint adheres to the surface. Measured according to ASTM C1583/D4541/D7234/D7522 with DeFelsco Positest AT-A. The higher this value, the better.
(4) How strong is the resistance rising / is the attenuation falling by moisture? Very important for outdoor usage and overpainting. The lower this value, the better.
(5) A proper grounding is very important to avoid that low frequency electric fields will to dock on the shielding paint. It is not good when grounding accessories are not available.


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